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Chronic Pain

Is Pain a factor in your life?

Chronic Pain is a symptom that something is wrong, somewhere. That is true whether the pain is physical or mental. A physician referral is essential in a hypnosis program for chronic pain relief.  Why not be Pain free?

Powerful Achievement of Hypnosis        

Recently a hypnotist received a call from a friends wife he had not seen in years. He knew the friend had been treated surgically for kidney cancer, but thought that the operation was successful and all was well.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Woman holding hand on head showing pain

The wife asked the hypnotist, “Would you see my husband to try to relieve his pain?  In this case, the hypnotist requested medical authority to enter into the case and learned the situation was terminal, and that everything possible was being  done.  Any help in pain relief was more than welcome.   The prognosis was for about six months of life. 

This client did not visit the office, so the hypnotist made a house call.  In reality the hypnotist was concerned with the hypnotizability of the client due to the intensity of the pain.  Because the hypnotist  anticipated a repeat visit would be necessary the hypnotist made a personalized CD  for the client.    Obviously, the client was in intense pain even with a morphine drip. The hypnotist called the family into the clients room to acquaint them with the plan and procedure.  In short, the hypnotist completed a successful session with the client. He left the personalized CD for the family to use.

The Power of the Mind

… In six weeks the client passed.  At the funeral service the wife said that the final six weeks had been bearable for both client and  family because of the CD.  She commented that when the pain became intense the client asked for the CD and when it played the time required to move from deep pain to relaxation was approximately thirty seconds.

To explain, it was evident that the expectation of relief more than the content of the CD was the effective element.  Such is the power of the mind.

Applications and Techniques

Hypnotic methods for achieving pain relief are numerous. Therefore, effectiveness varies and the choice may depend on the condition and personality of the client. Suggestions may be direct to indirect, interspersal, or may utilize guided imagery, goal setting or other procedures.

Attitude is a major factor. Furthermore, it is important that the client accept that relief is possible.  Constant pain needs to be approached on a different basis than interim pain.   Equally important, some clients like to feel the constant pain is there, however reduced, even during periods of sleep.

Thru Hypnosis and EFT, clients  learn that they can control their pains to tolerable levels.

Cancer Treatment Relief

Documentation shows that hypnosis can relieve the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  On the positive side, there is no need or reason to suffer from these side effects, such as nausea, loss of appetite, etc. By eliminating or greatly reducing these side effects with the use of hypnosis and EFT, the client’s mental and physical state improves dramatically.  As a matter of fact, some of the brochures for the American Cancer Society list hypnosis as a possilbe helpful tool for Cancer Patients. When you are going thru Chemo and radiation, you and your family are overwhelmed.  The results that can happen with Hypnosis and EFT for Cancer Treatment Relief are excellent.

Experience Some Relief & Change your Life


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Of all the hypnosis specalties - services, Public Speaking is the most feared task that people do. Ultimately, it is even more fearful than death to the majority of people. In fact, you can learn ways to change your mind and your life. For the most part, this is done by finding public speaking to be fun and enjoyable. Specifically, EFT and Hypnosis helps you set goals and develop techniques that  alleviate  those fears.  On the other hand, Forbes also has twelve great tips for public speaking.

INSOMNIA - Wake up when you want!

Are you having trouble getting a good night’s rest? Your mind may race, thinking about an upcoming stressful event, like the first day of a job. You might replay problems from the day before in your mind over and over, such as a work meeting or a fight with a spouse. Sleep hypnosis for insomnia can provide a way to help turn off our minds. By reaching a relaxed state, you can experience the deep sleep your body is craving. If you would like to learn how hypnosis can help with insomnia, then check our blog for more information.  The hypnotists at the Mind Enhancement Center have been helping clients for over 26 years.

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