Change your Habits – Change your Life

“What the mind can conceive, I can achieve!”

Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is guided means of communication between the conscious and the subconscious mind to effect positive change.

Few procedures are less understood or more plagued by misconceptions!

Hypnosis occurs spontaneously to everyone on a daily basis.

  • Have you ever been engrossed in a movie, sporting event, newspaper or book and did not hear someone speaking to you?  For instance,  your spouse or child does not hear you! (“We sometimes call this selective listening.”)
  • Have you ever driven from home to work or vice-versa and not remembered the drive? In short, you were not asleep: you were operating automatically.

These types of things happen to most of us every day. Hypnosis is sometimes our automatic pilot functioning when we are on overload.  

Leslie M. LeCron said:

In hypnosis … “the conscious mind is still present. We might compare it to a seesaw. In the waking state the conscious mind is at the high end of the seesaw and the subconscious mind at the low end. Under hypnosis they reverse and the subconscious is at the high end and conscious part at the low end, but still present. Thoughts rise from the inner mind into consciousness.”

Edward and Brenda Joseph Certified Hypnotists

Edward and Brenda Joseph


Hypnosis helps expedite positive changes.

Hypnosis & Children

Why would a child need to be hypnotized? Certainly among important uses could be early control or elimination of childish habits such as bed wetting, nail biting, unsociable mannerisms and attitudes.

As children grow older hypnosis can dramatically affect attention problems, learning enhancement, study procedures, worries, self-esteem, motivation, athletic performance, creativity, non-understood grief, anger, frustration – the list is virtually endless.

Change your Habits – Change your Life


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3.  Motivation - Third, motivation is the final essential to personal development.   Maslow defines five levels at which people are motivated. Psychological - food, drink, sleep sex.  Safety - protection, freedom from fear, order.  Belongingness - love, social contact, family, friends.  Esteem - self respect, need to be valued.  Self-actualization - the need to grow, to achieve one's potential.

Personal Development for Career Advancement

Most people have dreams — of success, wealth, love, career advancement, the resolution of problems or whatever. However some only dream of success but never follow thru with a plan.  That is to say, few carry them through planning to achievement. Above all learning special techniques under the retention power of hypnosis can help in this endeavor. Goal setting can provide the latter. Furthermore, hypnosis can provide motivation, confidence, energy and insight.

Public Speaking

In Contrast, public speaking is the most feared task that people do. Ultimately, it is even more fearful than death to the majority of people. In fact, you can learn ways to change your mind and your life. This is done by finding public speaking to be fun and enjoyable. EFT and Hypnosis helps you set goals and develop techniques that  alleviate  those fears.  On the other hand, Forbes also has twelve great tips for public speaking.


One of the major problems in relationships is communication. Why? Simply talking things out is an essential factor, but it is much more easily said than done. The problem may be that they cannot communicate because even with sensitive ears they cannot hear! Given these points, hypnosis can help bring understanding of relationship communications. It can heighten the  awareness of possibilities, of attitude modifications and the importance of and need for creating feelings of confidence and security in the relationship itself.

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