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The Mind Enhancement Center uses proven methods to assist with all aspects of the learning process. Whether you are a young child or an experienced academician we can help:

Improve Study Habits to improve Learning

Both external and internal conditions affect study habits. Among external factors are included the physical location of the study area–a location that is used consistently. A learner who has a specific location in an area where external distraction is eliminated (no TV, record players or radio, no running in and out by family and friends) learns much more effectively. Concentration is essential, and the learner should leave designated area when concentration becomes difficult. In any case, a five-minute break every half-hour helps improve learning. Visualization is  a key tool  to help block out external distractions.

Small rewards at various levels of progress tend to maintain excitement and stimulus, especially when a list or rewards is maintained with a list of completion timetable (Goal)  Students learn to develop their study skills making learning easier and more enjoyable.

Four Students all studying together at a desk


Three types of memory are involved in human remembering.  Sensory memory deals with functions like seeing, smelling, feeling, hearing and tasting. Second, Motor skill memory in hearing and tasting. Motor skill memory involves remembering how to perform physical activities–riding a bicycle, driving a car, swimming, dancing etc. Third, and most vital to learning is memory of words, ideas and concepts–the least retentive type of memory and perhaps the most complex.

Despite the claims of memory trainers, the meaningful material one learns proves in testing to be more important in memory development than the memorization of nonsense or unrelated words. The key first step is to organize of the meaningful material to  learn into a logical pattern, emphasizing the broadest concept–the theme—then narrow the focus to appropriate specifics.

Learning Enhancement

The human mind is capable of recalling virtually any information that it desires to remember. Ultimately the most important word in the process is DESIRE.  For example, What did you wear to school the first day of school? What did you have for lunch last Thursday? And the final example, What is important to you?

Fears and Learning

Fears, so important in self-esteem and motivation, may be invisible.  However it remains a powerful force.  When it obstructs learning, the learner is a prime subject for hypnosis.  The learner, through hypnosis, whether student or working adult, 1. can acquire the ability to relax at will, 2. to experience feelings of confidence, 3. to use a cue to bring awareness of control, 4. motivation for success or ability to defuse a fearful situation.   Hypnosis  provides the insight, guidance and direction to establish personal learning goals, boost self-esteem and create motivation.  Enhanced Learning and motivation are the  result. 

Change your Habits – Change your Life


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Additional Hypnosis Specialties - Services


Of all the hypnosis specalties - services, Public Speaking is the most feared task that people do. Ultimately, it is even more fearful than death to the majority of people. In fact, you can learn ways to change your mind and your life. For the most part, this is done by finding public speaking to be fun and enjoyable. Specifically, EFT and Hypnosis helps you set goals and develop techniques that  alleviate  those fears.  On the other hand, Forbes also has twelve great tips for public speaking.

INSOMNIA - Wake up when you want!

Are you having trouble getting a good night’s rest? Your mind may race, thinking about an upcoming stressful event, like the first day of a job. You might replay problems from the day before in your mind over and over, such as a work meeting or a fight with a spouse. Sleep hypnosis for insomnia can provide a way to help turn off our minds. By reaching a relaxed state, you can experience the deep sleep your body is craving. If you would like to learn how hypnosis can help with insomnia, then check our blog for more information.  The hypnotists at the Mind Enhancement Center have been helping clients for over 26 years.

Additional Hynosis Specalties - Services to numerous to list.



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