NEVER Lose Weight Again!

“What the mind can conceive, I can achieve!”

Weight Control

No diets, No changing Foods, No Will Power and No Failure!

“Let Me explain our weight-reduction program”, the hypnotist said to the inquiring prospective client. “We don’t, in most instances, use diet procedures. Utlimately, we find the problem with diets is that there is a major change of eating habit patterns.  Secondly, that the client is looking forward to reaching  the weight goal.  In short, the client  resumes eating “normal” Food.  For this reason an ideal goal is to Never Lose Weight Again!

Temporary Goals 

“Once the weight loss is achieved, frequently the client celebrates by enjoying a reward meal of favorite tastes. At this point, an upward weight trend begins.  In other words  the client  recovers all of the lost weight and even adds a few pounds more. As a result, the “Never Lose Weight Again” flys out the window!

Sometimes Diets Need A Break!

Woman Showing Large pants after weight loss

Above all , when  a personal celebration or break happens, the client may eat steak and potatoes, or perhaps spaghetti and meat balls—whatever is most desired. To emphasize, the only difference is that, through the effects of hypnosis, the client wants and eats a much smaller amount of food.  “The advantage is, no enjoyable foods are denied”, nothing is given up. Ultimately, there is no need or desire to return forbidden foods. In fact, the client simply continues to eat what has been enjoyed all along.  For the most part the quantities are vastly reduced. And with the aide of  hypnosis the appetite is fully satisfied with more modest portions of food.”

The above scenario and weight-reduction program is just one of many that utilize the powers and benefits of hypnosis.  Fortunately this type of program enables a client to take off unwanted pounds and keep them off.

Why People Overeat!

Many believe overeating usually fills a necessary need.  Surprisingly, the possible needs, real or imaginary are many. In fact, some people overeat to compensate for an unpleasant experience. While others eat excessively to reward themselves.  On the negative side some eat possibly for self-entertainment.  In reality some want to be noticed and may use a large body to offset  other issues. Generally speaking, eating is used to compensate for the lack of love, to offset fear, to over-come frustration, to deal with boredom, and/or sometimes even to avoid sex.

Programing for Success!

A hypnosis program for weight reduction  addresses the client’s attitude toward food and their eating behavior. To summarize, this is done to reduce the importance of food as it relates to feelings of well-being. A client’s food interests and tastes will be modified. Because you want to increase the desire for healthy foods with appropriate nutrition.  This reduces the desire for foods high in fats and other harmful elements. The client’s self-esteem and confidence can increase and strengthen.  The reason for this is  to attain a positive outlook and ability to make necessary changes. In addition, Hypnosis can also help maintain a consistent exercise program.

Other Habits

The Mind Enhancement Center uses EFTTM  and hypnosis in combination to help the client attain their goal. What kind of habits does the Mind Enhancement Center address? Eating, Smoking, Nail Biting, Enuresis (Bed Wetting), Stuttering, Fabrication, Chocolate, and Insomnia are just a few. Other habits include Dipping, Chewing Tobacco, Coca-Cola, Sweets, etc

NEVER Lose Weight Again!


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Of all the hypnosis specalties - services, Public Speaking is the most feared task that people do. Ultimately, it is even more fearful than death to the majority of people. In fact, you can learn ways to change your mind and your life. For the most part, this is done by finding public speaking to be fun and enjoyable. Specifically, EFT and Hypnosis helps you set goals and develop techniques that  alleviate  those fears.  On the other hand, Forbes also has twelve great tips for public speaking.

INSOMNIA - Wake up when you want!

Are you having trouble getting a good night’s rest? Your mind may race, thinking about an upcoming stressful event, like the first day of a job. You might replay problems from the day before in your mind over and over, such as a work meeting or a fight with a spouse. Sleep hypnosis for insomnia can provide a way to help turn off our minds. By reaching a relaxed state, you can experience the deep sleep your body is craving. If you would like to learn how hypnosis can help with insomnia, then check our blog for more information.  The hypnotists at the Mind Enhancement Center have been helping clients for over 26 years.

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