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“What the mind can conceive, I can achieve!”



What our customer has to say:  Amazed by the transformation from a skeptic who was desperate for help to a brand new person! Brings tears to my eyes how many people suffer from post traumatic stress disorder or other issues which the individual can’t control on his or her own. Mr. Joseph is an expert who is totally professional and experienced! His wife is the other half of the dynamic duo! After teaching overseas, I had developed serious issues which followed me 24/7. During hypnosis, Mr. Joseph was my respectful guide. Hypnosis is recognized more in Europe and Asia but it is at least 93% effective. Forever grateful for the healing which was done by God through Mr. Joseph.

Sarah R.


What our customer has to say:  I became acquainted with Edward Joseph when one of my resistant patients went to him for hypnosis and evidenced considerable progress in an area we have worked on for some time with no apparent results. She had experienced a breakthrough that was truly life-changing, and she was soon able to end her therapy successfully. Since that time, I have referred patients to him and have sat in on four or five sessions with him. I am convinced that his work is effective and beneficial for many patients, especially those with a history of trauma. To date,  I have had many years of experience with post-traumatic stress disorder and was employed by a center that specialized in victims of severe trauma. In fact, Mr. Joseph’s work has been so effective that my co-therapist and I have dubbed him “The Terminator” since so many of our patients have been able to terminate their therapy after seeing him.

Glenda F. MA, LPC


What our customer has to say:  I truly am a NON-SMOKER! I could not have done it without your help. Thank you so much.

Lois S.


What our Customer has to say:  I want to thank you for the incredible success I am having after using your hypnosis techniques for weight control. I listen to your personalized recording every night around 9:00 PM. That is the time of day I used to drive to the supermarket or fast food havens in my neighborhood to buy a ‘soothing’ food to end the day. Results of that behavior were always guilt and sleeplessness. Now I enjoy water only after the dinner hour, sleep peacefully and awaken refreshed and alert. Hence, the word ‘incredible’. Your literature is interesting and informative, and my sessions with you were handled with a high degree of professionalism. I will be in touch soon in regard to another area in which I need help.

Ann T.


What our Customer has to say:  I was so devastated by the separation and divorce that I could not function. I cried all the time, concentration was unattainable. I even had difficulty even driving to work and I was of little help to my children. You helped me regain control and begin to function like a normal person. I cannot thank you enough for helping me feel, act and respond like a human being again. Thank you so much for what you did for me and my children.

Pat S.


Mr. Edward Joseph … treated my daughter to help her overcome a specific issue. She tried a multitude of other treatments/techniques and had been unsuccessful in her attempts to make a positive change. She was able to stop the negative behavior completely within a week as a result of the combination of hypnosis and EFT that Mr. Joseph used in his work with her. I do neurolinguistic therapy, including EFT, Remapping, EMDR, and NET, in my practice and have for many years and know the success rates of these treatments. Since I was unable to treat my daughter (due to ethical issues), I recommended that she be treated by Mr. Joseph and was extremely pleased by the results. She has maintained this improved success for about 4 years now.

Betty E., Ph.D

Irritating situations – ANGER

Though I did not feel any dramatic shifts during treatment, changes were noted immediately after leaving my session. I was surprised by the subtle but definitive modification in responses to irritating situations. I think this treatment has the potential to increase the effectiveness of other forms of treatment … and hope the VA will consider exploring EFT for its potential benefits to our often difficult to treat clientele.

Melissa F., LCSW


My clients have benefited from their sessions with Mr. Joseph; mostly reporting a significant decrease in disturbing symptoms, especially anxiety. Most of these clients have had some sort of trauma in their life and cannot receive a “break-through” with reduction of symptoms utilizing regular therapeutic techniques. Therefore, I believe Mr. Joseph’s work to be very important, especially in the lives of people who have undergone traumatic experiences.

Sherri M. MA, LPC, LMFT


I have been working with Edward Joseph for over six (6) years now and have sent patients to him for various challenges in their lives. The results are incredible. The best part about it, people can feel the difference right away and you also have fast long lasting results. I was so impressed by this procedure, that I learned how to perform it so I could help more of my patients. Ed goes into this process much deeper than I do and that is why I would not and do not hesitate to send him patients that are having really deep seated issues

Dr. Rodney R. DC, DWD, DCP,FAAIM


My prayers were indeed answered recently when my daughter K. brought your Pre and Post Surgery recordings for me to listen to during my recent surgery. I know they were a real positive factor in my difficult ordeal and recovery. When I visit Texas sometime, I hope to meet you and your wife and thank you both in person. 9/98

Helen K.


I came to your Mind Enhancement Center after misplacing an article of jewelry. You put me in hypnosis and gave me suggestions as to where my necklace might be located. The next day, I was sitting in my living room and had a very strong desire to look in this certain place and I found my necklace. Thanks to your knowledge of hypnosis I was able to locate the necklace. Thank you so much for helping me.

James S.


Going into the operating room, I was able to relax using the deep breathing techniques learned during the hypnosis session. I was able to concentrate on the breathing and relaxation which is, as I recently learned what true hypnosis is. That is deep, deep relaxation. When I awoke in the recovery room the first question I remember anyone asking was whether I needed a pain shot and I did not and so told them.  Overall, I did not accept nor need any pain medication in the recovery room, nor upon my return to my room. Although I had Doctor prescribed medication in a PCA pump, I did not use it at all … the bottom line, I did not use any of the optional pain medication in recovery nor in the hospital. However, I did on several occasions use the post operative recording you provided which I found to be of great benefit to me in relaxing, ignoring the discomfort and allowing me to sleep soundly.

When I was hospitalized, I mentioned this both to my internist as well as my surgeon, and they each expressed an interest in the ultimate pain control that I had. … It is my intention to return to your office for additional help with weight.

Charles P.


Thanks again for treating me. If I have to have a 3rd chemo treatment, I already know it won’t be like the first. I appreciate all you did for me and for encouraging me to continue. I know it helped me get through the 2nd chemo treatment.

How I felt during 1st Chemo Treatment (Nov)

  • Back ache (really hurt bad) all during
    treatment and afterward.
  • Had a LOT of Nausea.
  • Just felt miserable in general.
  • Was in bed for 4 days following.
  • Slept a lot during this time.
  • Stomach hurt every time I moved –
    turned in bed or got up – didn’t matter
    any time my stomach moved I Hurt.
  • Dehydrated – needed fluid thru veins and
    even threw up at infusion center.
  • Didn’t regain my appetite for several
    weeks afterwards — like 3 to 4.

How I felt during 2nd Chemo Treatment (Dec)

  • No backache either during or afterward.
  • Did not dread lying there taking treatment.
  • Much less nausea — Much!
  • Did not feel nearly as bad as first treatment!
  • Very, Very little nausea afterwards!
  • No stomach ache at all.
  • Only needed one trip to infusion center.
  • Up and around house almost immediately.
  • My girlfriend and I were eating Mexican food night later.
  • Consequently my appetite returned quickly.
Shirley G



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Are you having trouble getting a good night’s rest? Your mind may race, thinking about an upcoming stressful event, like the first day of a job. You might replay problems from the day before in your mind over and over, such as a work meeting or a fight with a spouse. Sleep hypnosis for insomnia can provide a way to help turn off our minds. By reaching a relaxed state, you can experience the deep sleep your body is craving. If you would like to learn how hypnosis can help with insomnia, then check our blog for more information.  The hypnotists at the Mind Enhancement Center have been helping clients for over 26 years.

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